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mimi smartypants - Seriously, though: what's with the penguins?mimi smartypantsmimi smartypants - ArchivesAmazon*: The World According to Mimi Smartypants ...mimi smartypants (mimismartypants) on Twittermimi smartypantsMimi Smartypants ? Hopeless but not seriousMimi Smartypants Takes On the Assassins - New York TimesType type type: A Conversation with Mimi SmartypantsMimi Smartypants: Blogging is Dorkyexperimental biology experiment. 5 June 2012 . TOO MUCH, MAGIC BUS. A very drunk man is yelling on the bus. “I DO NOT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE! White people on this bus, I ...join my Notify List and get email when I update my site: email: Powered by NotifyList*About. Chicago writer, editor, parent, goofball. I like pizza and beer and * * things complicated. mimismartypants monkeytail hotmail dot comBack to Diaryland. Older entries: good morning, wordpress... 2009-07-03 elaborate murder attempt... 2009-07-01 building a tractor in the basement... 2009-06-19Over the past two days, while I was supposed to be refereeing a manuscript for a university press, I read two years worth of Mimi Smartypants’ online diary.Introduction. Readers are constantly being reminded that the act of reading is dying out, with “reading” being defined as “reading books published in the ...Mimi Smartypants: Blogging is Dorky Debra Pickett, a journalist and blogger for the Chicago Sun-Times, recently interviewed blogger Mimi Smartypants who has kept a ...

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